25 High Street, Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0AN.                                                                                          Telephone:  01732 761955  

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                 25 High Street,  Seal,  Near Sevenoaks,  Kent  TN15 0AN


            Telephone: 01732 761955      Email:  kerryspets@hotmail.co.uk

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Kerry's Pet Hotel

All inclusive Indoor holiday accommodation for

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamster, Gerbils.


*Established in 2011, our popular Pet Hotel service is available all year round.


*Drop off and Collection times:  Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm             except Wednesdays 10.00am to 12.00pm.  (Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays)


*Our Pet Holidays are all inclusive: Price includes use of cage, bowls, bottles,  hay, food, vegetables, bedding, toys and entertainment.


*All you need to bring on arrival day is your pet (Rabbits also need to bring vaccination certificates).


*We follow a strict daily cleaning routine, the exercise area, hotel rooms and equiptment are thoroughly cleaned in between our guests using them.


*We offer complimentary Paw Pedicures for Rabbit & Guinea Pig guests.


*Your pets happiness is very important, we want them to enjoy their holiday

and feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.  


*Pop in any time during opening hours to view the accommodation

Rabbit Vaccinations

When you make your booking, check your vaccination certificate and ensure your rabbits will be up to date during their holiday dates.


         Rabbits require two separate annual vaccines:

       *Myxo/RHD Nobivac vaccine once a year (Myxomatosis & RVHD1)

       *Filavac vaccine every 6-12 months (RVHD2)


    *The Myxo/RHD Nobivac & Filavac injections cannot be done at the

           same time, they need to be given at least two weeks apart.


*First time & Overdue Vaccines - These need time to become fully effective:

        Myxo/RHD Nobivac - two weeks.  Filavac - one week,

(allow a minimum of 21 days from the first injection for full immunity).

This time scale also applies if you have allowed your

rabbits vaccines to become out of date.


*Filavac Notes: The Filavac vaccine gives up to 12 months protection against RVHD2, however in a rabbit boarding environment it is recommended for extra protection to give your rabbits a Filavac booster every 6 months.  Please discuss this with your vet.


We will request proof of both the Nobivac & Filavac vaccines

these cover Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2


Rabbit(s) not vaccinated to our requirements will result in refusal of boarding, meaning you would need to seek alternative emergency holiday care & you would be charged for any days booked.  We cannot compromise on this policy.

Pet Hotel Terms & Conditions:



The daily routine remains the same each day, we feel this helps guests feel safe and settled.   

Guests have their room cleaned and serviced every morning,

enjoy breakfast, clean bedding, fresh hay, readigrass.

Rabbit guests are let out every day to exercise and play.

Afternoon vegetable time

is always good fun!!

Panacur Rabbit Worming

Like dogs and cats, rabbits also carry parasites, studies have shown over 50% of domestic rabbits carry the E.cuniculi parasite, therefore we recommend that you worm your rabbits before boarding and routinely 1 - 2 times a year with a Nine day course of Panacur Rabbit.

Panacur wormers can be obtained from our shop, your vets or the

internet, you do not need a prescription for this treatment.


Please take a moment to read this simple information link:

Benjamin (2) Fluff (1) Worming T & C's Fluff (1)