25 High Street, Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0AN.                                                                                          Telephone:  01732 761955  

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                 25 High Street,  Seal,  Near Sevenoaks,  Kent  TN15 0AN


            Telephone: 01732 761955      Email:  kerryspets@hotmail.co.uk

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*Please read:

Contact Kerry....


To enable me to respond quickly & effectively to your enquiry

please read the notes below:


For Hotel bookings/enquiries please include:


*Your pets drop off & collection date (Please note we are closed Sundays, Bank Holidays and Wednesday afternoons.)


*Your pet name(s)

*Your Mobile & Home phone number.


*First Time Guests - Type of Pet?  Age?  Male/ Female?  


*Are your rabbits neutered?

Rabbits: We cannot accept unneutered pairs over 5-6 months old into the hotel even if they are the same sex due to the risk of them fighting.


*Any signs of illness/existing medical problems must be discussed with us before your pets arrival.

*We reserve the right to refuse to accept your pet if we feel they are showing signs of disease, injury or illness unless previously discussed.


IMPORTANT - Rabbits require two separate annual vaccines:

       *Myxo/RHD Nobivac vaccine once a year

       *Filavac vaccine every 6 months


*The Myxo/RHD Nobivac & Filavac injections cannot be done at the

same time, they need to be given at least two weeks apart.


*First time & Overdue Vaccines - These need time to become fully      effective:  Myxo/RHD Nobivac - two weeks.  Filavac - one week


Allow a minimum of 21 days from the first injection for full immunity.

This time scale also applies if you have allowed your rabbits vaccines

to become out of date.


*We will request proof of both the Nobivac & Filavac vaccines,

these cover Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2

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